Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy New Year

I know this is a very late New year post, as we now are at the 9 of January. Well better late than newer I guess:)

2010 was a rather slow year as far as new reviews, as I was struggling with a sore shoulder. On the good side though my site had more visitors than ever.
So I want to say a big thanks to everybody that has supported my site!

So what is my plan for 2011 then? Well hopefully there will be a lot of new reviews coming out in 2011. Another change that we will have in 2011 is that the sample pictures will be a lot better than before. I'm planning on a upgrade to the site as well as I feel that that is long overdue.

To sum up 2010: It has been a long 7 months with too much pain. Only a handful of selected assignments where done, after all the bills needs to be paid. That also resulted in the recovery being longer than it should. This also impacted my reviews a lot, as I was told to stay away from the computer. I'm now trying out some speech recognition software to allow me to get some writing done.