Friday, November 19, 2010

Failure to communicate

Guess who I´m referring to? If you guessed: Nikon, you just won a cookie:)
I haven´t heard a single thing for about 5 months now from Nikon Europe(Scandinavia/Norway) It´s not like they haven´t released anything lately.. No NPS(Nikon Professional Services)  preorder notices, no information about new equipment, nothing siltch, nada, not a single thing. In fact last time I heard anything from them was about a Nikon course on setting up Nikon CLS. And how to set up your camera, if you are a professional Nikon user, you shouldn´t need to attend a course like this if you ask me. But that´s not the point, the point is that the communication part is something Nikon has been saying for years that they are working on improving. Well it´s been about 3 years since I talked to the Nikon officials in Norway, and nothing seems to have happened since(at least on the comunique part). I´ve right up given up trying to call them, as they don´t answer the phone. I noticed on the newest NPS membership card they have removed the phone numbers of the back of the card (Scandinavia) I.e Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland). This does not look to me as if they are trying to improve their communication with their customers, or is it just me? To me this is not really a big problem, as they can´t usually provide a answer to the problem, nor do I thrust the repair facilities in Norway(fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me). Which brings me back to the reason I get all my equipment from B&H, now that´s a company Nikon could learn a thing or two about customer care, and service. I think what I´m trying to say is; this just isn´t good enough for a company like Nikon.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nikon instant rebates extended

The Nikon instant rebates has been extended (ends November 20, 2010.)  and is now including more equipment. Don´t miss out on these great deals. These are instant rebates and there is no need to mail in anything to get the rebate. Just add it to your shopping cart and you are done.