Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nikon ViewNX 2

Nikon seems to have a new image browser out.  I just have to mention a few things here. Since my shoulder is still way sore, I have to keep this short for now. First off, Nikon needs to get one thing sorted out straight away, and that is full x64 support for all their software and hardware! It's starting to get ridiculous the way Nikon is putting this off. All current versions of Nikon's editors and image browsers are lagging waaaaay to much. Using Capture NX2 or Viewnx(2) I've never ever seen my processors or RAM close to max, still the software is slow? This goes for all my computers, both PC and Mac's. (My main editing PC ic quad core 3.6Ghz with 8gb ram)

Nikon made the usual "Only the 32-bit versions of Windows XP are supported" Both ViewNx2 and Capture NX2 runs fine on xp64 by the way. All you need to do to get this to work is to "right click" the icon and go to compatibility mode, set this to XP and you are good to go. 

Another problem Nikon seems to have is that they are really anti customization when it comes to their software. To be honest one of the things that  annoys me the most about their software is the lack of customization. Why is the adjustment window always hidden, and the metadata maximized  when you start up the browser? 

Capture NX2 has a similar weirdness with the "Quick fix" window maximized, and the "camera settings" minimized?  silly me I thought that capture NX2 was a "RAW" converter.

We need full customization of the software, both for short-cuts and menus. A better integration of Capture NX2 and View is also a must. An "open with" Photoshop with! Nikon settings would be nice as well. Sometimes I don't want to have to go through Capture NX2 to get the "as shot" settings in photoshop. I could go on and on about what needs to be fixed with Nikon's sofware, but at this point I find it pointless as they don't really want any input it seems. I think I have about 3 pages of problems and suggestions about Nikon's software....  

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Latest updates

(This picture probably don't show whats wrong, but it's all I had from the MRI)

I'm finally little bit better now. The final verdict from the Dr' was like I stated before, stretched nerve behind the shoulder blade, plus a torn muscle in the shoulder. Unfortunately I live in No(r)way where they don't really prescribe you anything, unless you are already dead. Which is the reason for this taking as long as it has to heal. I've been in severe pain since the start of June. But it's improving a a bit now. Last time I had this problem I was in Canada, I was back and ready for action within a month. Dr's in north America knows what they are doing. Don't get sick in Norway.......

Hopefully I'll be back to writing more reviews and taking pictures soon. It's been two and a half month since I took my last picture! I'll get back to answering your emails as soon as this shoulder heals up! Sorry for all the delays guys.