Saturday, October 17, 2009

Press 2 if you are a NPS member

Press 2 if you are a NPS member, is the message that gets repeated on the phone..........
I'm quite tired of Nikon and their lack of interest in answering the phone. As some of you might know I'm a Nikon NPS member, which btw is supposed to stand for; Nikon Professional Service. In my opinion there's nothing professional about it at all, I've been trying to call them for 3 weeks, without getting a hold of anyone! I know their usual response when you finally do get a hold of them is a reply of
"Send us an e-mail instead of calling us."

Mkay, you might as well cancel the phone number then if you ask me. It's not the same thing sending an e-mail as it is to actually speak to the people, that supposedly are in charge of NPS. It's not like there are hundreds of NPS members in Norway. There are only a hand full of us. There is no doubt that I know more about Nikon equipment than the people running Nikon in Norway, maybe that's why they don't want to talk to me?

Nikon needs to get a grip on quite a few things if you ask me.

They'll probably revoke my NPS privileges after this post(like they read my stuff anyway), not that there really are any:F So I don't really see that I'll loose anything..

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