Saturday, September 25, 2010

Comments on the new equipment from Nikon

Just some comments on some of the new Nikon equipment.

Nikon SB-700, ouch... they really missed quite a few features on this flash:
#1 No PC-Sync terminal, so forget about this one if you use pocketwiard II triggers.
#2 No external battery pack.
#3 still no real battery indicator
#4 Less power than the SB-600 (SB-600: 98' (30 m) at 35mm) vs SB-700; 92 at (30 m)35mm
#5  Weight; the SB-700(15.9 oz (450g) vs SB-900(14.6 oz (415g) and the SB-600 is 10.6 oz (300g) So currently the SB-700 is the heavies i-TTL flash from Nikon
#6 Price, compared to the SB-600 the SB-700 is more than $100 more expensive.
#7  Still only one IR receiver on the flash for the wireless. Personally I was hoping that Nikon would add a 2.4ghtz system to their wireless and move away from the IR.

But they did put in a few new features that looks promising:

#1 Light Distribution Patterns, now accessible using a dedicated button on the back of the flash. Best new feature of the unit without a doubt.
#2 Recycle Time, slightly faster than the SB-600 (3.5 Sec),  vs SB-700; 3 seconds (AA Alkaline)
#3  A:B light ratios (previously only available on the SU-800)
#4 Accessories, you do get more included than on the SB-600, but you are paying more than $100USD for it.

Nikon D7000; They really missed with the name(D90x would have been a better choice in my opinion), but the specs make this a very interesting camera. My only gripe is that I wish it would take CF cards instead. I´m currently waiting for my pre-order. Who knows I might begin to start filming again. But that´s not my main reason for getting it.  I really need something smaller because of my shoulder. I will start a Nikon D7000 sample images page as soon as I get the camera. This will of course be images straight from the camera without post processing added to them, just as it is on my lens reviews.

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.4G Long awaited update of the manual focus Nikkor 35mm f/1.4 AI-S. The new 35mm 1.4 is packed with Nikon features, only thing missing for some might be the lack of VR. Personally I´m ok with lenses without VR, especially if they are fast and wide.
If you thought the manual focus version was expensive.., the new AF-S versions  costs almost twice as much. The current price for the AF-S version is $1,799.95, compared to just under $1000 for the manual focus version. If this new 35mm even is slightly improved over the older manual focus version it will be a killer lens for PJ
I do believe that lots of photo-journalists are happy with the recent introduction of the new wide-angle primes from Nikon, but is it enough?

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